We all know just how important identity is to something. Everything on earth belongs and has a place because it has an identity; it can be identified with other things similar to it. So, identity is everything, kinda. What is your identity? Do you still have it or did you exchange it for public opinion? Do you protect it with your life? Wait, how much do you even love your identity?

If you can answer these with ease then good for you. If not then it’s time to hear the truth. Today we’re all about posting about our high morals but non of us are actually living it. So, as a big fan of philosophy, I will be sharing with you the secret to regaining ones identity. Your identity is determined through the way you interact with the outside world. Sometimes it includes how you are when away from the public eyes, but that is to those who are close to you.

According to Plato (a really great philosopher, google him after this) human behavior comes from three main sources – desire, emotion and knowledge.

  • Desire. What you desire most will either make or destroy us. Desire could be for anything. Food, money, power, accessories, real estate, anything at all. Excessive desire for anything is by the law of nature morally wrong. Ergo, too much o something is a disease. In order to regain our identities we have got to drop our desires for the wrong things. We have to start to desire other things like inner peace and self-love. This helps us cope with ourselves thus leading to self growth. Every level in your life will require an upgraded version of you. You cannot upgrade without an identity. Find it today!
  • Emotion.   The only emotion we should be focusing on is happiness. Forget about everything else, drop every beef you have got going on. Just free your mind and then fill it with happy thoughts. Happiness from within flows from the idea of man’s sense of being and dignity. This is why hurt people often question their worth at some point. By this, you are guarding your heart and then the right emotions will start to flow out. This will give you back your identity – which is unique in everyone.
  • Knowledge.  I don’t mean having straight ‘A’s in school or anything related to that. I mean knowledge of the extent of ones ignorance. When you have knowledge of how ignorant you are, you become quieter, you learn, and then you create knowledge. Socrates taught us that “to know is to know nothing, and that is the meaning of true knowledge”. I mean for real the first step to change is simply to become aware of ones crap. So, ix that and get your identity back.

Always remember, if you live your life copying others, you will die a photocopy. How will people remember you? As your neighbor’s shadow? Too mediocre. I often give myself pep talks and one of them is – “you’re not beautiful like them, but you are beautiful like you”. If are interested in regaining that identity then ….

let’s go.


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