How to treat your enemy

What is the best way to treat your enemy?
The best thing to treat your enemy
Is elimination;
Eliminate your enemy the right way;
No need for enemies;
What is the right way to eliminate your enemy?
The right way to eliminate your enemy
Is to make your enemy your friend.
We need not enemies but friends.



3 thoughts on “How to treat your enemy

  1. True. That is what we live through life trying to do right? We struggle to do only the right things so that our “enemies” may love us. But, i reality we will always have enemies. Even the bibles tells us that straight. Not everyone can love you and you cannot love everyone. Also, that is why the Father is a perfect being; he loves all UNCONDITIONALLY. We are only trying to be like him and as humans, we fail. I love this poem! I have so much to say. hahahah. Thank you


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