Love Letter To My Little Ones


I hold your hand when we walk down the street,

I love kissing the bottom of your baby soft feet.

When you were born I held you all night in my arms,

My job is to always keep you from harm.

I wipe your tears when you feel hurt,

I help you make mud pies outside in the dirt.

I love helping you put together puzzles because you are so smart,

I love how you use spaghetti to make beautiful art.

I love the angel in your laugh when mommy tells a funny joke,

I love the yucky face you make when you touch egg yoke.

You three are so beautiful, so kind and gentle,

When the Lord blessed me, I didn’t know what I had gotten into.

I love you so much my heart won’t forgive you,

For all of the love and the life that you’ve blessed me with too.

This is a poem that I wrote to express the love and admiration I have for my children, Hannah, Rj, and Christian. Please visit Harotian Essentials for other inspirational poems and advice.

Thank you for reading!


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