Disaster Averted

(For us all)

I meditated, centered, grounded, prayed
And did my readings, (earnest seer be)
As to which words or actions may be made
To end this fracas harmoniously

Should I communicate, and in what way
What mood, what manner, which direction go?
Which magic words, and to whom those to say
Which truths each participant come to know?

To settle rather than to escalate
What’s needed? Show of calm or show of strength?
Who best appeal to harmony create
Lasting a greater rather than a lesser length?

How loose the forces of that casual
Laughter by which a healthy family
Downplays the ego of which one be full
And so the other balance help to see?

Somehow the magic formula was found
But now disaster not eventuate
Communications to prepare that ground
Used will in future be to help create

A reputation paranoia of —
There seems no winning in the long term here
Perhaps, though, this calm instance of tough love
Hath bought me out of soon and daily fear

Or maybe have succeeded to prevent
The situation happening again —
But it unreasonable is to be bent
On strength of an anticipated change

More likely she’ll quietly bide her time
For a moment of greater solitude
And catch me in an interlude sublime
(She’ll register as ‘vulnerable’) mood…

Not closed am I to future healing or
Progress from advancing maturity
But at the very least the short term for
I must for her betrayals ready be

Each moment that I spend beyond the door
My snug and perhaps sov’reign shelter of
I hope that I can hope base safety for
E’en if for only intermittent love


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