The whispers in the dark of night and secrets of the dawn, the path we walk into the light the shadows will transform. Our sight is paved by all the things occurring on the way, the road to which our destinies enclose the light of day. Histories detain our senses evidence will frame, the things in life our minds reflect in dreams that will remain. The spirits walking in the presence owned by mortal hands, the essence of the ghosts that menace thoughts we understand. The entities within our reasons incidents contain, within the passage to the future memories inflame. The guile of standing circumstance installed within the page that turns reproach to consequence that’s guarded by the wage. The price exacts in height that’s stacked to laboured tracks in fare, that highlights governed terms to back what suits could only care. The haunting proof within the truth that reprimands the views, the points of standing image weights the things too not confuse. The ratings act the words of fact that fictions will record, along the scenes within the means that sound in our accord.