Mind what you say?

Mind your words;
Mind what you say:
Mind especially
What you write;
What you say or write,
May not end with you.
Mind tomorrow’s world;
And what it will say
About you to you.;
What you’ve written;
And the world of your times.
Don’t talk only because
You want to be heard;
Mind what you say;
Mind your language;
Mind your words;
Mind, mind and mind.


3 thoughts on “Mind what you say?

  1. So very true. Truly there is power in our words. This was demonstrated by our creator when He spoken creation into existence. Also, how He changed the lives of people by speaking healing and deliverance into their lives. Being that we are made in His image and likeness it is paramount that we grow to understand that truth. Thanks, that written piece blessed me.


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