Quotes (blame in marriage)

  1. “I can say with certainty that no one likes blame. Generally, human beings reject blame, especially when they consider it undeserved. Yet, a lot of people take delight in blaming others” (Romilia Quotes).

2.  “Men are fond of blaming their wives and wives are fond of blaming their husbands. This often creates stress in the marital home. If you blame your spouse often, it is advisable to stop it, to save your relationship ” (Romilia Quotes).

3. “Stop blaming your spouse. What blame does to marriage is what a germ does to a wound or what maggots do to a fruit. A fruit may look fresh and wholesome outside whereas it has all been eaten up and destroyed inside. Blame is a way of destroying marriage from inside though it may still look solid” (Romilia Quotes).

4. “Often, before marriage, when people are courting, they will admire and appreciate almost everything in the one they hope to marry. If they don’t find the other’s voice melodious, they will find their movement dainty or they will find their dressing superb. They will listen to each other all day long, and seek each other’s opinion in almost everything they do. Strangely enough, in a majority of cases, after they are married, this will quickly change to blame” (Romilia Quotes).