A 2018 letter to all boys

My dear boy,

Many blessings to you this 2018! Wherever you are in the world, I pray this message should get to you. My prayer is that a lot of blessings should pour on you this 2018.

You are still young, and I pray that God may bless you with long life so that you may become a man tomorrow. I do not like you to become just any kind of man. I pray that you become a successful and happy man. Of course, we all like to be successful and happy in life, donโ€™t we? For sure, we do.

Manhood comes with enormous challenges; which can make life very hard. In fact, there are very many people for whom success is a far-fetched dream; and so they are not happy. That should not be the case for you.

We are all supposed to be successful and happy. If you are well armed for your journey of life, the challenges that you meet will make you; and you will be happy. If you are not properly armed to face them, they will mar you; and make you unhappy.

If you do not want to be swept off your feet like a piece of paper carried into the sky by wind, you have to arm yourself with appropriate tools to overcome the challenges on your path. This is what is called preparing oneself for life.

Prepare yourself properly for any challenges that you may face when you become a man tomorrow. This is your guarantee for a happy and successful life. It will also enable you to carve out a good place for yourself in the sun.

Do not think that successful men jump out of their bed and became successful. Behind every successful man, there are many years of preparation and hard work. In a lot of cases, they start preparing themselves during their period of childhood.

If you are lucky, your parents started preparing you for the challenges of life when you were still a little boy. That is a good thing for you. Now, at your present age, it is your place to continue getting yourself ready for when you will be left all on your own away from the canopy of your parents. Do not be like many young people who do not know what is good and what is bad for them. A lot only grope in the dark and before long they have destroyed themselves.

On this site, we want to do the best we can to guide you to adulthood and through life. Our pages are full of wisdom and advice. If you take time and read what is offered here, you will be fine. Follow the advice or tips given and expect a very bright future for yourself.

We also call on you to share this site with your friends. A kind and generous heart is always richly rewarded. Invite your friends and encourage them to tap into our ocean of knowledge and wisdom. You have as good a chance as any other young person like you to shine. Do not minimize your opportunities. Do not sell yourself short.

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