Driving Young People and older ones to Suicide Because of Suicidal thoughts that create their own Death Wish.

I just want to say how sad it is for the home and away star from the boxing day crash and her whole family was lost. So sad and I want to talk about the Akubra Hat Girl Dolly Everett who committed suicide, So Sad. Maybe people should use other pictures and keep their friends list close and it should be taught at school about how to take these things and how to block and report people and understand that people can stink sometimes and as with the ones I mentioned so many times who want you to become one of them they are heavily into disenchanting and molesting peoples minds to manipulate them and that sometimes if we can’t operate and function properly to talk about it, we should just tune out. It must be known that some people stink and will always do this, in the states Private and Commercial Muck rakers dig dirt up and create dirt to get people into the position the ones they attack hold by defaming them in the worst public fashioned and we may think Australia may not assume to such thing would be Naive as we are full of better talk but just as many low life wretched and dark souls and all our young people should be helped to understand how to take such things.
Our own personal world maybe perfect just for show but its what we have inside us that completes our humility and strengths us against being affected. Not everyone is lovely and nice and we have to be nice about showing that so it is understood that what some people say does not count.
It is apparent that we have people who gang up on others for the joy? of wrecking someones day and turning them off life.
One woman who does this sort of thing said to me and I quote she said that shes basically suicidal herself as many of the others who do this are, and that maybe she should walk in front of a truck but she prefers to make pressure others into feeling the same as her and she keeps it up so badly that she even said to her victims that the only way to make her and her company stop is to kill them – and she will keep it up until they either help her commit suicide – commit suicide themselves, die inside or turn into one of them.
They even get people to steal, sell drugs take them break into houses and kill people – and then put them through jail until the end up in a gang such as a motor cycle club where they will always then be one of them a low life and a menace to society.