The Ladies Keys.

Behold are the keys for the dungeons of glee, the dungeons of darkness, the dungeons of dream. Behold are the keys for the dungeons of time the dungeons of feeling, the dungeons of mind, the hallways of distance, enchantment, mystique, behold are the keys through the dungeons you’ll find. Onward the path to evermore from infinity’s hall to eternity’s door. Through the dungeons the passageways of time possess the keys of truth thought and mind, once held in trust that one shall seek and so one shall and should and must. So, prepare for the journey that lie in wait oft hell and fire fury fate. Take heed come forth, or thou hast betrayed, for its only fools who fear the gates, for behind the gates there’s room for dreams and a chest in pieces with tools called keys; strewn through and throughout night day and week, does lye the chest and the first such key. So, take heed you now have tools for the quest, for the journey in wait, and all to contest; tools of vision, tools of sight, tools of true wisdoms words worthy might; for as planets turn but do not reverse or stop; nor do the arms of a turning clock. So back look not for every door that comes for all future keys were left in one. Words worthy letters the letter box keys are all that is needed of keys that may be. The star’s shine with wisdom which ‘daze’ like the sun, and all the universe be one. The days are enchanted by knights with regard, who’ve set upon a moonlit path. The visions set toward our needs, are formed with all my lady’s keys. Her treasured souls defend the keep, within all lives her eyes will reap. Our hearts bear solace for the way, our worth’s to see ourselves displayed. Our efforts to afford our land are stepped within our morel hand. Regard for thought we’re to beware. “Our Lady Owns the Whole Affair”.