Where is the God?

Where is our God
When bad things to good people happen,
When fervent prayers go unanswered,
When good men in poverty suffer and die,
And the wicked prosper and in luxury swim,
We wonder where is found our God.

Where is the God, in whom we believe?
Is he asleep? On mission? Or out of town?
Where is the God that we do serve?
Won’t he hear us when we cry?

Lord, God, O Heavenly host;
We want to see your hand at work,
When dangers stare us in the face;
We want to see your mighty hand
Masterly giving shape to our lives.

We want to see good men’s reward;
And bad men punished as they deserve;
We want to see your caring touch
When sorrows do break our hearts.

We want to know the God we serve
will stand by us when darkness comes.
For our sinful ways, he died on the cross,
Through painful death, he brought us joy.

Great sorrow his mother did know;
But the divine will she quickly understood;
That through the cross salvation will come to man;
Only by suffering for the Lord shall we be saved.


10 thoughts on “Where is the God?

  1. Beautifully written manifestation. I relate deeply with the feelings you have successfully portrayed. The longing to see His power in place, but before the rainbow allows comes the mist. We are blessed with a piece of His ‘Mana’, ‘Spirit’, or ‘Energy’, giving us the ability to help Him experience and create this world. At this point in time, I believe we are torturing our Eden and since Man has no real natural predators, someone out to hunt him, as that is what man does…..Mother Nature and Human Nature are the only things that help population control…. Thank you for such an inspiring share 🙂


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