Gift Above Jewels

In this life many moments come
As unpleasant surprise
Though their collective good result's
Of course to make us wise

It's sometimes uncomfortable
Our lessons so to learn --
And then there are those moments
All that trouble well return

Those moments when you think that you
Have found that rope's frayed end
That strength and hope's not fading 
You can no longer pretend

When someone comes along
Whose good opinion you respect
And that soul a whole different 
Aspect of you to you reflect

Its brightness beaming into your
Until then shadowed eye
Brings you such relief
It causes all your tears to dry

And when you venture forth
You find your confidence renewed
And, sure enough, you can repair
All that had formerly been skewed

I'd such a moment yesterday --
This lovely, lythe young woman who
Turned, and smiled, and said to me
"Grandmother, I believe in you."

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