Trampled Gift

I sent the poem joyfully
Which I for you had writ
Thinking you would get a
Genuine smile out of it

Truly I applied myself
Each rhythmic line to hone
So by you deep my deeply felt
Gratitude be known

For good communication
In a fam'ly atmosphere
In which just 'neath the caring
There's a levelling of fear

Fear of a swift belittlement
For carefully thought out
Contributive connection
Is what that level's about

The fear that seeks upon the phone
When out amid the world we roam
To gauge the mood of those within
Before we feel like coming home

Since you yourself have failed to meet
The mark of sisterhood
Coming up late and short when on
Your word's time to make good

Already! Even prior to
Your first inhabitance within --
And then I try with praiseful words
To nurture what should here begin

By texting affirmation
For something you did really right
Generating self respect 
Contributing to your delight

And wait then more than twenty four
Hours for even a slight response
If waiting I still were I'd 
Yet be waiting for the nonce

When we next meet you'll have me think
A healthy lovely modern girl
Thoroughly immersed in life's
Intoxicating whirl

Didn't check her messages 
In all those hours a single time
You've run some facile lies by me
Though none of them quite so sublime

And for as little reason
As you have for them here now
But never mind, unto your
Disregard I humble bow

If neither of the roommates
Who are truly kin to me
Consider my communion
Of a timely aye worthy

If when I seek to further
Interests along with mine
Of those for whom I feel
Mutual caringness benign

My information is regarded 
As inaccurate; when mirth
Ill hidden is regarding my
Well meaning effort's worth

'Tis then that I become 
A simple private tenant here
Unconcerned with how our home
To tidy neighbors will appear

Whether their dogs bark all day long
Through carelessness of ours
Or it gets cold enough in here
To kill off frost resistent flow'rs

Or so warm that the heating bill
Goes right the ceiling through
For I'm peripheral -- in no way
Central to the two of you

My dishes I will rinse and wash
Your filth will stinkingly remain
Atop the slimy counter that
We'll seldom really see again

The gate out front can go ahead
Invitingly flap all the night
Into the sheltered entranceway 
Invaders sweet invite

To do their work in leisure
Nestled back from lines of sight
Of any passing neighbor
Might decide to set it right

Forced to embarrassment admit
(That's while neighbors let it last) 
To be part of a family
Which manifests so little class

And all alone among we four
Truly can be trusted to
Live up to my good word --
Let's see what you decide to do

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