Last Night

For this one evening I enjoy
Sweet silence, sweeter solitude
Tomorrow come all those who will
Fill my domestic neighborhood

Two in the bedroom next to mine
And one just down the hall
The preteen in the living room
I can't keep track at all

Of those who come the two
In the garage to visit or
How many of them might have left
Next noisy dawn before

Where is my haven, where my home?
Where do I fit as who I am?
Is this the fate to which 
Mad God all aging humans damn?

Am I to never get
Another full night's peaceful sleep
But for the full duration
Of life irritable keep

My protest that a modicum
Of sweet consideration should
Between those living very close
Be simply understood

Swallowed with my hopes
Of domestic tranquility?
Will underneath all caring
Carelessness forever be?

Now let me somehow find the strength
Find the clarity
To end this heart pain's purge
A bit more affirmatively

Let me resolve to understand
Remind myself to know
That I am walking in the way
Which heav'n would have me go

And if my stride is centered and 
My steps continue firm and sure
My mind remain in focus and
My motivations pure

Whatever job I'm here to do
Accomplished will be soon or late
And that although exist many
A worse and grimmer fate

Also exists somewhere, whether
I make it there or no
A place somewhere on Mama Earth
Where such as I blossom and grow

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