Leaving Home

You ladies ever
Notice that
It's at the very
Moment at

Which at last
You're set to go
Your babe manages
Up to throw?

Of matching blouses
You have none
The kitten gives
Your hose a run

You're feeling just
That kind of queer
For you can clearly
See from here

Departure has
Badly begun:
This isn't going
To be much fun

And you're correct!
For sure enough
Your glossy shoes
Pick up a scuff

When you with polish
Touch them up
Along comes your
New little pup --

You know the rest 
Of that event
But not where
Thirty minutes went

You search your purse
To no avail
For super glue
To fix your nail

Must now give it
A little file
Or snags your scarf
Will soon defile

Oops! Didn't catch 
It quick enough
The scarf's looking
A little rough

None of those in
Your giant batch
Match with the blouse
That didn't match

The belt and trousers
Once babykins
Had had its say

Of course right after
All of these
There's the delay
To find your keys

And if you're running
Super late
Something will have
Stuck shut the gate

From where you see
Your waiting car --
Deciding to 
Stay where you are!

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