“The Truth”

I was told by a member of a club and understand that the motor cycle clubs are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to host parties shows and do’s promoting drug abuse and the life style by the drug cartels and all members always were and always will be drug dealers and people like Ell’e Chappoe own people like Mark Vella, who works for Ell’e Chappoe and the other cartels and is also paid to keep up the trouble that hosts the money train for support of the suppliers. I think that the clubs themselves work with the cartels and own and operate them themselves which would be accurate, and they also pay donations to charities to pay their 15% from tax reasons for say the registered businesses they own just to show how much – and how little they care.

I remember that biker woman going on about someone telling the truth and they do bad stunts to people every now again to assassinate the truth, so no one says a word. Well the truth is those clubs have a constitution and are run by rules they make up and one of them is that if you lie to a member which would include withholding the truth or saying one thing and doing another – THEY FINE YOU – Ya So What are they Talking about.

What about the break ins of shops and armed robberies raise insurance premiums causing prices to be hiked creating inflation.

And remember 13th Ghost – How many people watched that – A man found instructions for it which were written in Hell. The house is clockwork – and they kill the people to create the ghosts themselves and the ghosts must be the ones referred to in the instructions. A Bit like and exactly the-same as the story I’ve told you for so long. A man inherits the house which contains twelve of the ghosts. His family moves in and the house begins to operate and doors open by clockwork releasing ghosts as they enter the p[arts of the house which operate the rooms the ghosts are trapped. The man who inherited the house when he is killed will become the 13th ghost and all hell is raised on Earth, except they get through the house is shattered in a million pieces in the end and the ghosts escape and you can see them being released and walking off free. Now they mentioned people committing suicide; pushed into committing it and some who wanted to and who did in time with their story on the exact part they played and in all came true including a dozen or more murders etc. Now what’s the difference between that and suicide bombers? Are they not exactly the-same? So, they fine their own for lies which includes any kind of lie, and they make their own rules up and have more than parliament as you can imagine it takes more to compensate for the change in-reality to equal the “Truth” as they say!