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With the recent events of category 5 hurricanes that has wreak havoc in Houston, Texas, South Florida and the Caribbean Inasmuch as September being hurricane season there has never been a back to back category 5 hurricanes. To top that off there was an earthquake of 8.1 magnitude that struck Mexico. The earthquake was centered in the ocean, and since the magnitude was 8.1 it has triggered a tsunami warning. Waves of up to 10 feet could hit the Mexican coast while waves of 3 feet could reach as far as Ecuador, New Zealand and Vanuatu. Scary isn’t it, well if you’re hearing what I am hearing then this is just scratching the surface.

Well what I’ve been hearing is that this weather activity is a result of god’s wrath against evil America. It’s a punishment because America elected the anti-Christ Trump President (didn’t they call Obama the anti-Christ when…

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