Every One a Healer Be

A shamanic'lly trained ear
Sensitive is to every beat
We aimlessly broadcast and hear 
At our tranquility which eat

None of them intrinsic'lly
Negative or positive
Each one hath specific'lly
Unique effect on how we live

The cerebral classical
Along a rhythm lilting sweet
By formulae math'matical
Doth our base passions meet

And lift them up our minds toward
That list'ners may partake
Of notes which represent the Word
Which Mystery doth make

Some other times it is the heart
We are wishing waken to
Something to express in art
Th'intensity it brings us to

It is romantic music then
The feeling person crave
To give an outlet, or again
Motivate him to be brave

Martial beats tighten the gut
And set the feet to moving so
No 'if,' no 'and,' no 'why,' no 'but'
We eager to the slaughter go

O, need we be reminded of
The wild, intrinsic joy of life
That unconditional is love
That every day's with wonders rife?

When such our situation is
Then what we need to make us whole
Must be to dance in healing bliss
To good ol' fashioned rock and roll!

Do we feel threatened? Feel as though
From family to government
Every single where we go
Exploitation's on us bent?

Perhaps that's when we'd listen to
The war drums rap and hip hop of
Reducing denigration to
All the finer aspects of love

For it will keep us militant
Make us ready for the worst
Yet afterward remain extant
If it's perpet'ually rehearsed...

For each existing rhythm there's
Appropriate, constructive place
As through this complex world of cares
We desperately race

But when in musing mood I am
Assaulted in high volume by
Sounds which I would like to cram
Into the list'ner's smallest eye

I turn my hopes to visions
Of a future in which we
Not only of our rhythms
But of all we hear and see

Realize each has effect
Color, odor, flavor, light:
Every one a healer be

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