Happiest of Men

The military budget of my one
Sole, single nation Terra firma on
Would feed, house, clothe and even educate
Every citizen this great world upon

Even giving consideration their
Sometimes much smaller economies for
Counting our planet's other nations there
Total another hundred ninety four

Most of which each its standing army keeps
Yet even with all this we have but begun
To sound the fathomlessly wasteful deeps
Of resource by which private wars are won

The guard dogs, spotlights, deadbolts, chain link fence
Strong locks, strongbox, strongarm strongman guard
Fantastic fabulously grim defense
Enemies all around away to ward

It is for us difficult to believe
That for thousands of years before what we
By name "civilization" self deceive
A leathern tent the average home be

How have we fallen, from that place to this?
Could we but trust so deeply once again
We'd rediscover truly native bliss
And count ourselves the happiest of men