The next success sensation

Do you know that Facebook remains dominant in social media? We are told it is well ahead of Youtube which, in turn, is well ahead of Instagram and Twitter.

About two billion people use Facebook around the world. That is awesome, isn’t it?. It has made founder Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire.

Very amazing that an individual is able to build such an empire. And what’s more, he started in his college days, when he was still very young.

This marvel inspires me. I ask: what does he have that you don’t have? If he can do it, why can’t you or any other person?

When someone shoots up and shines so brightly as Zuckerberg has done, everyone will call him a very special of gifted person. Yes, he is special. He is gifted. So too are you. Only that you haven’t exploited a good fraction of your own potential.

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Watsapp etc are great inventions. Yet, the truth is, the best is still to come. More amazing creations are coming. Why can’t one of them come from you? Your work could be the next sensation. Who knows?

All you need is determination to bring out the best in you, hard work, focus, persistence in the face of opposition or all sorts of challenges; and prayers for divine guidance.

My hope is you don’t sell yourself short. As for us here, our target for this site is a billion readers. Sure that we cannot do it alone. Who can do it alone? We need people like you. That is why we are calling on you to do anything you can to take this blog closer to its one billion target, even if just by one person.

What gives us confidence is our belief in the goodness of people. There are billions of good people in the world with hearts of gold ready to help any good dream. We have got some in our team already and we are going places. We are going for more and more. With divine guidance, we will get them. Don’t try to stop us or stand on our way because we are unstoppable. But you are welcome with open arms to join us or help us.



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