Bulletin to Home Base

From Zag to Zig, much love and deep veneration!

As promised, please find attached an abbreviated list of hominid opt-outs from emotional and sexual fulfillment.

Items included represent general categories ~ subject, on this planet, to a vast number of fascinating variations from the eventual leisurely review of which I know you will obtain much wry amusement.

Unfortunately, a full listing of these Hominid opt-outs created a document so bulky that it will have to be sent in sections — but this little summary will give you some idea of how primitive my surroundings here on Earth really are!

How are Zara and Zee, and the multitude of little ones who scatter from and collect around them like a flock of lovely starlings? I miss you all so much!

However, I can see the wisdom of our society’s requirement to serve among the less evolved at the close of ones initial period of formal schooling ~ my gratitude for, and desire to be of service to, our own world (strong since youth, and of course made all the stronger by association with the service-minded adults all around me) has, under the conditions of this assignment, undergone something like instant fission: It has become immense!

I hope you enjoy this vignette of a developmental stage which for our own race is thankfully long past. I look forward to feasting and storytelling, among the hot-soaks and before mutual massage, upon my hopefully not-too-distant return…

With every wish for your continuing tranquility, enthusiasm, fulfillment, and every possible aspect of wellbeing,

Your respectful colleague and boisterous buddy,




“He (or she) …

… lives too far away from where I live.”

… lives too close to where I live.”

… lives at an acceptable distance from, but in a more affluent neighborhood than, my own.”

… lives at an acceptable distance from, but in a less affluent neighborhood than, my own.”

… lives in a neighborhood containing many people who have come to live there from a far distance.”

… posesses skin pigmentation to almost any degree different from my own.”

… employs a slightly different vocabulary than that with which I express myself.”

… is appareled in attire possessing any but the most minute variations from that in which I am habitually appareled.”

… entertains an opinion which diverges from my own on the same subject.”

… eats different food from that which I choose to eat.”

… refers to the Divine by a different name than that which it is my habit to use.”

… fails to look down upon those than whom I fancy myself to be of a superior quality.”

… fails to adulate those whom I have chosen to place upon pedestals.”

… enjoys music built upon precisely the same I-IV-V chord patterns as is the music I myself enjoy, but presented with slight differences in rhythm and instrumentation.”

… is more than one or two years older than myself.”

… is more than one or two years younger than myself.”

… works in the same building in which I work.”

… works in a building significantly different than the one in which I work.”

… is a person for whom I provide any professional service whatsoever.”

… provides me with any sort of a professional service.”

… met me for the first time in a place dedicated to relaxation and recreation, called a ‘bar’.”

… possesses a different body-weight proportion than I do.”

… inhales vegetable smoke for pleasure.”

… inhales for pleasure smoke from a different vegetable than the one whose smoke I myself inhale for pleasure.”

… possesses facial features less currently fashionable than my own.”

… tells the truth inconveniently often.”

… has hair a little longer than do most other hominids in this particular culture at this particular time.”

… has hair a little shorter than do most other hominids in this particular culture at this particular time.”

… seems too eager to get to know me.”

… doesn’t seem eager enough to get to know me.”

… already loves one other person in the whole world.”

(And my personal favorite):

… used to love someone I know!”

(I know , unbelievable, right?

Well, believe it!…)



Ana Daksina View All →

A poet is the strangest sort of soul
You in this life may e'er expect to meet
More broken even while more truly whole,
Innocently intending well, more sweet

Than any but a five year old should be
Unfit to meet a callused world's demand
Or to behave aught expediently
All grace in flight; an albatross on land

Do not the all too common error make
Do not fall into the too easy trap
Avoid the fatal egoic mistake
Imagining that poet be a sap

Powerful spirits classic and antique
Give voice when poets ope their mouths to speak

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