I am not crazy

If you hear my dreams
And think that I am crazy,
You are crazy;
I am not crazy;
I am very sane;
And I stick to my dream;
I have no dream that’s
Not been achieved
So where lies the problem?
Many have done better;
And many will do better;
So why can’t I do mine?
Why can’t I do what
I want to do?
And you also;
What is stopping you
From achieving that dream
You would like to achieve
But are thinking you can’t?
Just no reason for you
Not to achieve it;
Many who are worse than you
Will come from behind
And do greater things
Than what you fear to do.
My friend, dream big;
Don’t dream small;
Throw away tiny dreams;
Dream big like me;
And if you don’t know my big dream,
Ask me;
I will tell you;
And that should inspire you
To dream big as well.


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