I respect people who

I respect people who respect all human beings;
A human being is a human being;
Made in the image and likeness of God;
And ought to be treated with honor and respect;
But some human beings are so shabbily treated;
It’s a shame indeed to think of it;
Many dogs receive better treatment than millions
Of human beings living here below;
I see cats and dogs, horses and cows
Living like kings
While human beings live like pigs;
Many sleep in the streets;
Some sleep in gutters;
Some in motor parks,
Some at railways stations,
Some under bridges;
And some in abandoned motor cars;
This is the world in which we live;
This is the way some human beings live among us;
Yet there is abundance flowing elsewhere;
I like a world where all human beings enjoy;
I like a world where all human beings are respected;
I like a world where all human beings enjoy human dignity;
That is a world hard to come;
But a world worth our efforts;
Let us do whatever we can for a world that all enjoy.

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