The power women have

Women of the world,
Let’s talk gender;
There’s power in being a woman,
In abundance that power is
Available to you;
Are you aware of it?
Are you using it
Or throwing it away?
What is your place in today’s
Are you selling yourself short
Or selling yourself long?
Do you fight to stamp your footprints
On the sand of time
Or sit and grumble about being a woman?
And let men trample on you?
Are you aware of the power of the woman?
Are you letting things go worse for women?
Remain the same for women?
Or go better for women?
Are you a woman of substance?
A woman other women can be proud of?
What are you doing as a woman?
What are you doing for women?
Many questions;
Many challenges for women;
Half the world, if not more than
Half the world is woman;
Enormous power for the world
That cannot be toyed with comes from women;
If you are wise, woman, make the most
Of the power in your hands as a woman.