Baby steps!

After listening to Watermark by Enya, I started thinking about the fact that water is one element that is consistent. You may try to stop its flow, but with time it takes its natural course. Then I was wondering why and the answer hit me like a slap. Its because water takes baby steps! Rivers don’t struggle to flow because they take time to weaken all barriers stopping their flow. Think about baby steps!

We all, or most of us, get really excited when a baby takes their first step. You know at the back of your mind that this baby can walk now and will never have to crawl again. The baby has progressed right? Notice then that a baby will fall a million times after the first step, but will always stand up to try again. By trying over and over again the baby will eventually start walking fast, and then start running. You never really teach a baby how to walk, they learn.

I want us to look at this in the light of our goals, hopes and dreams. I want us to go through today knowing and understanding how important baby steps are; infact they are the most important steps because they usually set the tone for the rest. I believe many of us have the idea that greatness happens with a significant amount of effort. As a result, we see large barriers and walls that block the view of our dreams and goals. This makes us give up faster than Usain Bolt (all I know about him is that he’s a good sprinter).

Sure we need effort, but it mustn’t be with the force of a wreckimg ball all at once. Take baby steps and anticipate the journey.

Think about it like this, you have a hammer and you need to make a hole in a brick wall. The hammer seems harmless to the wall, but what happens when you hit it many times? Eventually the wall will shatter, in the perfect way. If you hurry with a wrecking ball, you end up destroying the whole wall in the process, and in the end the gain may not seem worth it anymore.

Take baby steps today! Don’t look at how fast others are going.

Let’s go!


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