Birth of a Destiny

Faith, Love, Hope, Passion, Righteousness

Please do not misunderstand the tears you see flowing down my face

Little did I know they were the flow of a new life coming forth

As you see me writhing around and drops of destiny pouring down my cheeks

It is the display of me giving birth to something of great worth.

The seed of God’s purpose He planted for my life has been growing inside.

The reason for my previous life’s journey has been incubating this seed

And after some time of praying, fasting, interceding, and intentionality mixed

Of course most of all with the hand of God nurturing this precious gift

It is time for the most vital and violent step and bear down and PUSH.

The enemy of my soul will not make me abort or miscarry

The very reason that God placed me here on this earth.

So I will bear down, groan, and writhe…

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