Instrumental ‘Soulworld Overture #2’ by Michel Montecrossa

Listen here to the instrumental ‘Soulworld Overture #2 by Michel Montecrossa, taken from his ‘Sound & Soulworld Cybersymphony and Song Concert’ that you can read about here and that you can download here from the Mirapuri-Shop.

More symphonic and modern classical music by michel Montecrossa you find here:

“Song-music and instrumental-music”, says Michel Montecrossa, “both have the same origin in the highest creative consciousness. They are two ways for expressing the joy, the energy, the tenderness and the happy feeling of life coming through consciousness expanding experience. Song-music and instrumental-music in their cyber-modern as well as in their classical-modern forms are therefore a harmoniously self-fulfilling completeness in my artistic work. My concerts are the live presentation of this creative unity, in a future oriented way bringing together song- and instrumental music.”

Movie: Michel Montecrossa Interview ‘Cybersymphony and Song Music’

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