Sitting Down to Work Tentside 4 A.M.

Take off your boots so you can sit cross-legged
Put your slippers on over your socks or you know you’ll be sorry
Pull your gloves all the way up your arms
Pull your sleeves all the way down over them
Do it again until the gloves stay up and the sleeves stay down
Repeat after every half dozen bodily notions
Put both your hoods up
Arrange your cloak carefully so that it covers your knees but leaves your arms free to move
Place a towel over it now because you know that sooner or later something will fall on this lap today
Move your shawls, cloak and scarves out of the way of your elbow for a small folded pillow to support the arm that holds your mobile device
Adjust pillow according to hight of accumulated fabrics to ease shoulder strain
Find your reading glasses and put them on
Reach for your device
Plug the spare battery you charged at the house overnight into the device
Move the cord out of your way

Oh, wait

Forgot your coffee
Way over there


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