How To Deal With A Heartbreak Like A Boss

Since heartbreak is very common, it’s wise to learn how to deal with it.

Makaitah Rogue

Here is the thing, a heartbreak is the most awful thing to happen to anyone. It’s a heinous assault of human emotions which leaves it’s victims devastated and in worst case scenarios, delirious. Yes delirious ( it leaves you in an acutely disturbed state of mind) This evil does not conform to emotional and mental quo but it exceeds to actual physical pain. One can physically feel the heart constrict and a block of grief lodges itself in the throat. This particular block of grief feels like the throat is closing and the only remedy is crying. Symptoms include the relentless need to cry,sob,wail,weep or hysterical howling of an asylum sociopath. Extreme cases can result in failure to distinguish the different threshold of reality from fiction. Insanity.

Heartbreak sucks! It’s part of life and I am aware we have all suffered from this kind of perpetual grief. How to cope…

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