My Worst Break Up Story

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Makaitah Rogue

A few months ago, I shared the most heartbreaking moment of my life on Twitter. The worst break up of the century. While most persons found it hilarious, it was a harrowing experience, borderline depression and a long walk on the boulevard of self doubt.

My kindred inhabitants of Twitter empathized with me, but demanded the context of this unusual break up, albeit I wasn’t keen on divulging the exact details, but today is your lucky day. I have chosen this particular incident as our case study for my next blog entry. I will give an account of what really transpired in this blog and the next entry I will relay on how to deal with a heart break. This was the strangest form of concluding a relationship. I suffered from overwhelming-acute distress all the while scrounging for the crimes imputed to myself, to deserve such irresponsible emotional abuse. I…

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