Domestic Mandala (Reprise)

Harmony can be nourished in those who
Come to your residence to visit you
And that same residence happily view
Or call your place of refuge their home too

By ordering with your artistic care
The objects daily put to use within
By yourself and the other dwellers there
So doing all sweet benefit will win

For by its beauty it will influence
Order of mind, order of heart as well
And with its simple, native elegance
Subconsciously the cosmic order tell

Create your personal Utopia:
Attend to the domestic mandala



Ana Daksina View All →

A poet is the strangest sort of soul
You in this life may e'er expect to meet
More broken even while more truly whole,
Innocently intending well, more sweet

Than any but a five year old should be
Unfit to meet a callused world's demand
Or to behave aught expediently
All grace in flight; an albatross on land

Do not the all too common error make
Do not fall into the too easy trap
Avoid the fatal egoic mistake
Imagining that poet be a sap

Powerful spirits classic and antique
Give voice when poets ope their mouths to speak

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