Endless times

I stopped smokin’,


Nothing was broken,


It just wasn’t new,


Just like olden,


Just repeating,


Bad cycles,


A new beginning,


Will enlighten you,


Holding my head up high,


What in the future,


Will lie,


Came from another dimension,


Came back,




Holding my head still high,


Looking at the stars,


I want to cry,


But my emotions won’t let me,


Like they’re supposed to die,


Holding my head still high,


Thinking about the time,


She crossed me by,


Feeling of suspense,


As she walked on by,


Love is not lost,


But again,


 you must try,


To be a man,


Or a woman,


There comes responsibilities,


Holding a baby in my hand,


Seems like the only possibility,






A hobby,




to put my mind on,


As I’m waiting in a lobby,


Animals eating my body,


Soaked up in water,


With a woman,


 Laying there behind me,


The air making her hair,


Be lined,


Seems like we been here,


an endless time,


Then a tune comes on,


Changing my mind,


Taking me back to reality,


Music is a gift to me,


Created to impose mystery,


Making poems,


Can get the best of me,




It’s not what it used to be



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