Good Bye…Love!!

Good Bye My Love……..

That day arrived, which I feared the most,

Since the very first moment of revival of our bond, I was sure that this day would soon arrive any moment, And would break me all over again in pieces.

Though I knew it all,I still moved with the flow of our Love, the waves of deep-hidden feelings and emotions, Kept me pushing towards you. I tried, really hard to stop myself from falling in love with you all over again……

But your love was everything I had longed for, always, I was never as much happier and full of life, As I was during those days of our togetherness.

Not just me but it made everyone around me lovely and beautiful,

Even those who were the grumpiest ones seemed pleasing to me,

You filled me with rays of brightness, And with immense joy up to the brim of my heart.

Now when the day of separation has arrived, We are supposed to drift apart,

Though the attempt will be in vain,

As our hearts now are interlocked… Still I would bid you a Goodbye,

Because I know that our paths are distinct, You have milestones to achieve, And I have your memories to cherish……