How being spontaneous can save your life.

With the world and all the stress it brings we often and try to maintain that healthy balance between our emotions. We then start having crisis e.g the famous midlife crisis everyone talks about. I may not be old enough to know how it feels, but at least I can share my unpopular opinion.

I blame all life crisis on being boring! If you don’t have goals, you don’t see much reason in struggling for anything; life becomes boring then. You see, humans are creatures of habit. We are built to set routines and stick to it. This is the main reason why breaking out of our comfort zones is so hard.

Routines are great because they are the best way to make sure you get things done. Too much of a routine is the problem; you end up becoming boring because you already know what is up next and how it ends. I personally am not sure I can live like that. Blogging actually gives me a chance to explore each day because I never know what will happen with my followers.

I am here today with a few tips on to be more spontaneous and make life better.

  1. Ask your friends or colleagues if you are too predictable. One thing I learned from watching  Samurai Jack. all those years is that when you are predictable you die first on the battle field. The people who know you well are in a better position to give you this information, and they might see some areas where you can improve that you might not consider yourself.
  2. Let go of limiting beliefs. Yes we have beliefs that instead kill us. If you think doing something is “weird” then you do have limiting beliefs. Some of us feel like talking to strangers is weird, imagine the opportunities lost by not talking to that one stranger who could hold the key.
  3. Become a child at heart. I happen to be of the opinion that children really are angels. They are so because they are pure at heart. A child does not see color, religion, sex, disadvantages or advantages. A child will keep going back to that football pitch everyday until he gets what he wants from there. The bruises will not be an obstacle. A child is capable of total love and care towards others. Jesus himself gave this as a condition to enter his home, so….
  4. Stop waiting for the perfect time. There is time for everything we always say. But we have those nagging ideas that we often push to the back of our minds. We really want to dance in the rain but we are afraid of what people may think. In reality we are just afraid of ourselves; we are afraid of how much we may enjoy it.

Becoming spontaneous is not a one day job. You need to put in some effort, but it always starts with that decision to do it. So here’s how you can become more spontaneous.

  1. Add a little twist to your daily routine. Today instead of taking that one road that you take everyday, how about trying a different road? It does not hurt because they will take you to the same place.Wear something completely different from your routine.Use a different ink color today (this is my favorite, I copy notes in all colors I can get my hands on)
  2. Say yes more. OK, this one is difficult because home-training and moral values will be holding us around the neck. This does not mean be reckless, it means go out today and do something you normally would not. For example, say yes to that dinner invitation, or to that party. Say yes to that glass of wine or to that plate of meat. Say yes to something. If you keep saying no to life, eventually life will just pass you by.
  3. Do things that scare you. Most of the time what we are most afraid of doing, will bring us what we most want. You need to leave your comfort zone and  chase your dreams. If your dreams don’t scare you then you need to dream bigger. Set bigger goals, be bold. Set trends, you must not always follow.
  4. Try a new hobby. Especially the one that interests you very much. If you love listening to or reading poetry, you should try writing a poem sometime. Chances are you will definitely surprise yourself. Try everything, even though you could fail. You learn to accept loses and walk away with the lessons.

Let’s add some color in our lives. Life starts out of the comfort zone. Make your life happier today.

Let’s go!


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