Steps to improve your charisma.

I have this very lovely friend of mine who has what I can only describe as charisma. She has an air of positivity around her and people just like her wherever she goes. Children always want to be around her and people just like her.

Charisma is something that can be built. Think about it, what does she have that we don’t? We can build charisma too and enjoy the forces of total positivity.

Here are tips that can help us build this attractive quality.

  1. Develop a presence. Being in the present moment means that the person you’re talking to has your full attention, and your mind isn’t off wandering on what you’re doing at the weekend or what you’re having for dinner that night. Being present and actually listening to what the other person in front of you has to say is a great way to build relationships with people as well as expanding your own horizons and knowledge. By being present, you create your own presence and people will be drawn to interact with you.
  2. Be confident. This is not always easy for a shy person. The spotlight is a big turnoff to anything at all. But to build charisma, you need to be confident. P.S Try this simple trick – smile a lot more, you don’t need to say much, since you may say the wrong things. You are never fully dressed without a smile anyways. The less confidence you have, the less charismatic you’ll be. In comparison, too much charisma and you’ll be perceived as arrogant.
  3. Stop sugar-coating things, you are not Willy Wonka. This mainly means don’t seek cheap approval by falsifying your life. Before, people used to reject their family because they wanted to belong. Now with social media, people go crazy trying to prove to the world that they are living a life they are not really living. It is almost as if, if you don’t post your blessings then you don’t have them. Set the trend. Be true to yourself and the world. Be original and say and accept things as they are.
  4. Know the art of conversation. In fact master it. I swear to you nobody likes a conversation where they are talking alone. Be able to keep up a topic, switch topics and say things in an interesting manner. Of course, the best way to start a conversation is by being nice, rather than trying to overwhelm the other person with information or showing off. Avoid awkward silences, make eye contact, and you’ll see the rewards instantly in every conversation you have.

These steps should help us unleash our inner royalty.

Let’s go!


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