Words I’ve Been Saying for a Long Time

You’re beautiful
You’re friendly
People like you
Small animals and children feel safe with you
You’re so much better than I am at this,
That, and the other thing
You’ve done well
That’s so nice of you
Thank you
If I’m going to help you,
Here’s what we have to do
Okay, I’m backing off peacefully
May you be happy

I’m thrilled to have you visit
(Or even hear from you)
Even if it’s been months for the second
Years for the first
If you gave no response to my last three outreaches
I’ve been given only twenty minutes’ notice
And you’re bringing a stranger along
I’m so happy you’re here

Still smiling at you
After the thousand denigrations
Deal out to those
You cannot respect
(Is that everyone?
Whom do you admire?)
Still pathetically friendly

Please forgive me
If I must just stand a little away
Or this heart will physically break
It’s near that now
Then I will be gone beyond
Anywhere you can reach me

When and if
You ever wish to say
That at last you remember
At last you hear
In your heart
My voice
Still saying
These same words to you