Hope…..the means to Live !!

The choices we make in Life are unknowable in their outcomes. And the hardest thing to know is that in life you don’t have a Ctrl+Z, undo, redo button…what is once done is done forever…

You may go on to do something again, maybe better, maybe worse, but once it’s done, it stays done.

If my defining moments define me, who defines these moments?

As I browse through gossips and stories on relationship sites across social media, the thought confronts me constantly. It rises up like hot summer air and blasts me in the face every day. Here I sit, sipping cold coffee, dusting off my desktop keyboard and wondering at how optimistic people are.

They have breakups, breakdowns, go broke, go for broke, and still return for more from the font of human relationships. They have Hope….

I have friends who married several times, while I sit here wondering if even once was once too many. How do they know that this time it will be right? Are they just happy to try everything again, in the belief that with a different person the same situations will turn out differently?

I watch with fascination as the stories unroll around me, like watching a documentary on a different species.

I like the bubble I live in, ignoring the fact that it isn’t strong and shall break with a bang.

shooting en couple.jpg


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