Interview with the woman who has changed everything on this site.

I have come across a wonderfully amazing blogger called Ana Daksina. She has a heart of gold and is a formidable inspiration on Success Inspirers’ World. She seems to have a rare mind. It is a real joy to talk to this extraordinary woman for SIWO.

It is a pleasure for me to talk to you madam. Tell me about yourself. What is your full name and where do you come from? Which continent? Which country?

I write under the name of Ana Daksina. In Sanskrit, these two words together mean “I am a fountain of gratitude.”

I was born in New York City of an American father and a Portuguese mother. A year later I went back with my mother to her native island for the birth of my baby sister.  (She is another of four).

The island my mother comes from is one of a little group way out in the middle of the ocean, principalities of Portugal.  In Portuguese, the islands are spelled with a “c” — Acores — and in English with a “z” — Azores.
What do you like best and what do you like least about your country?

Big question!

The things I like best about my country are its founding principles of individual freedom, tolerance of diversity and equal opportunity.

The thing I like least about it is that at present we are moving backward in every one of the above areas, violating the prime directives of our existence.

Tell me about your family: Your parents, brothers and sisters, husband and children.

Father son of prominent Virginian NACA scientist, inspired architect, deceased. Mother descended from Portuguese ducal family, American citizen for the last 60 years. One daughter, two grandchildren, two step-grandchildren, one step-great-grandchild due in May.

Where did you go to school? What did you learn in school? What are your certificates?

Having tested into a phenomenal category of IQ, at sixteen years of age when I was ready to graduate from high school I was offered full scholarships to our ivy League universities. I turned them all down.

In the decades since I have led a very hard life. Once in a while I ask myself if I’m sorry for that decision. I never have been.

In the realms of literature and the arts in general, our institutions of “higher learning” have become the sources and perpetuators of a creeping poisonous obscurity of meaning, unattractiveness of form and artificiality of value designed to create job security by having to “explain” and “educate our tastes in” the arts.

True beauty and truly inspirational messages need no explaining. We are all naturally attracted to them. They appeal directly to the heart, without the necessity of any academic intermediary.

What do you do for a living?

I put up with a lot of physical pain every day, and I stay alert every minute for opportunities to contribute to my society and my world.

For this I am paid by God via a small governmental stipend for disability.

Since I cannot pay rent, I live in a tent. I eat about as much as a five year old child, and my sole entertainment is this work I’m so happy to be able to be a part of.

What do you like and dislike about your job?

I like it that I can sit on my bedroll and work even while so fatigued I can barely keep my eyes open and until I’m in too much pain to sit up, without having to pretend otherwise, present a professional presence or maintain an artificial schedule, then fall over into my blankets, and go back to work as soon as I can sit up again.

What don’t I like? Well, a little respect from my fellow man for what I do would be nice — but so many of us who are here to serve are operating without that benefit and under even worse conditions that it’s not very graceful of me to complain about that, is it?

Which is your ideal job?

This is my ideal job — and the only one I have any hope of being qualified to accomplish in this world.

This job has two parts — one as a writer of poetry, and one as a contributor to Success Inspirers World.

I was born a poet. Some of my readers’ favorite selections, such as “After Emily” and “Graveyard Ramble” were written while still a teenager. There are one or two pieces in the site penned prior to turning ten.

My contributions to SIWO became serious the day I read that my dear friend Ngobesing was finding his path a little difficult. I thought perhaps some extra content for his site might be helpful — and it was! He in turn freely extended the respect and appreciation which has been so lacking in my life. It is my honor and pleasure to continue to contribute in this way to his well being and that of our readers and our world.

What do you pray for the most?

To be guided to correct action for the greatest good of all. I pray for this many times every day.

I know that my own greatest good comes from everybody’s happiness, not only my own.

What are your key achievements in life?

The experience of daily floods of divine synchronicity and a life full of straight up miracles.

What are some of the dreams which you have not achieved?

To be surrounded daily by the same loving respect I give to others.

What are you doing about this?

I write. I give thanks for what love and respect already exist in my life. I wait.

Does this mean you have given up or you are still hoping to achieve the dreams you have failed to achieve?

Neither. I am at a balance. I know that whatever happens and doesn’t happen according to the divine plan will be much more perfect for me and everyone else involved than anything I could ever plan for.

Some people think ours is a cruel world. Is it a cruel world or a place of love to you?

Its cruelty is here to teach us the importance of love.

What to you are the major causes of the tensions, conflicts, and wars that we have in the world?

We come here to experience the illusions of imperfection and learn the workings of divine compassion. When we have learned better we will not need so much of these to remind us.

Do you have some experiences that may live with you for long? Share them.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve literally led a whole life of miracles. There are so many stories to tell that I’ve posted hundreds of poems over the last three months and have another hundred already written and an idea list of at least a hundred more. I guess my site itself will have to be the answer to this question.

What do you like to become in life?

Exactly what God wants me to be.

What makes you happy or not happy to be a woman?

I cannot imagine how hard it must be to be a man, and I think I would not make a good one. I love it that as a woman I can radiate beauty into this world — beauty of fabric, beauty of motion, expression, word, tone, intention, action.

Who is your role-model?

Everyone I’ve ever met, seen, heard or read is in some way worthy of my admiration, and has added irreplaceably to the treasures of my being.

What is your favorite past time?


Why do you blog?

To save my sanity and the world

To me, you are an amazing person, very brilliant by my standards. 

The feeling is quite mutual, my brother. 😊
What you are doing on SIWO no one has done before. You bring in more than a thousand page views on some days.
That’s wonderful! I’m so glad.
I couldn’t have believed anybody would do this all for free. You are working very hard for this blog (which is very highly appreciated) for free. How do you explain this? What has motivated you to do this?
The motivations behind this work for me are several. Here are some of them:
Because my dear friend Ngobesing seemed that he might have use for my assistance, and in such a friendship ones first instinct is to wish to render it if one can.
Because there have been so many family, friends and strangers whom I’ve had no way to help in this life, and I’m so thankful I do have what is needed for this one — who is also helping so many others to find their potential and happiness!
Because SIWO is a vessel of sufficient moral strength to contain the energies I pour into it. Those do not come along so often.
Because its proprietor is a friend to me as well as my being a friend to him, and sticks by me even when things are questionable or the going gets a little rough.
Because here on WordPress, and most especially at SIWO, I have at last received appreciation and love for what I do.
Because, my whole life, I’ve focused on changing the lives of the people around me, in my culture and in my world, for the better, and here I have a chance to do it.
Because I’ve always had a very clear, practical vision of how a better world will work in all its details, and a strong urge to communicate this vision to others, who may help it to become realized among us.
Because until the invention of the WP mobile app I had no way to get my words out to do their work in the world, and eating them all has been making me very sick indeed.
Because we may lose Net neutrality any day, and then the outreach available to us now will be cripplingly diminished.
Because I owe my world recompense for providing the support for my continued existence.

What have you gained from blogging?

I got to know you.

Let me inform you that meeting you is one of my greatest blessings in life. You seem to have been sent by God onto my path. I thank you.

To be told so, to me, is a gift beyond diamonds.
To be told so by one for whom I cherish such affection and respect is a gift so great one takes it from here to heaven, and it is still a treasure there!
Your presence in my life is making a crucial difference also — all that I do cannot repay what I receive.
Brightest blessings to you 😎

What word of advice or message do you have for those who have read or will read this interview?

Live, breathe, eat and sleep your passion. The rest is incidental.

Thank you for accepting to answer our questions.

Thank you for asking them.

God bless you!

Brightest blessings, dear spirit.

I asked Ana other questions to which she responded. Example:

Brilliant as you are, I would have expected you to be a professor in a University or a top government official in your country. It looks like something really went wrong along the line. You haven’t explained enough. Would you mind explaining to me how a brilliant person like you is living in the conditions you mentioned?

Ana’s answer to this question and more will come up in a follow up interview. I find her a mind to explore.

Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “Interview with the woman who has changed everything on this site.

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  2. Dear Ana and bloggers at SIWO,
    This is indeed beautiful. It’s so against the odds in modern society, to choose to live a simple life. When you can be happy with less, why not?
    The systems that give more, are still not geared to simplify the human pursuit of happiness.
    Thats what I believe and appreciate! Thus my fictionalised view / e📖on systems that create so much conflict and simplifying towards happiness.
    Thank You All for your resolve!

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  3. At last I’ve vividly come to understand the life of one who has contributed in me becoming an author at SIWO.
    Which is a position I seriously take.

    May JEHOVAH’S AmazingGRACE overflow unto you- Ana Daksina. Much love, your life is an inspiration of its own.!!


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