Is this a sign?

I don’t know,

Is all I can say,

I don’t know,

If I dare to pray,

Speaking my mind,

Just blows me away,

Keeping it in lock,

Is all I can say,

I don’t know,

What I’m thinking,

Me and my thoughts can’t co-exist,

For me being,

Is where I have to say I quit,

Life is more clearer,

When you don’t know,

Seeing is believing,

I told you so,

Forgetting every moment,

So love can grow,

Time and time again,

It can’t be though,

We all seek success,

In life as we are blessed,

What we don’t remember,

Is that life is a quest,

You can finally rest,


It’s for the best,

Believe in your self,

Seek guidance and help,