Life goes on.

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Sometimes when I am in a jam and everything seems to be at a standstill, I tell myself life goes on.

Even if I get stuck and give up, life will still go on.

Even if I disappear to the bottom of a river, life still goes on.

Even when I have not eaten, life goes on.

Even when life has kicked me in the guts and I am licking my wounds, life just keeps going.

In every situation I find myself in, one thing is constant; life goes on.

Even when I blame everything on life, it still goes on 

How cruel is life that it still goes on, after giving me all the bruises?

I have a lesson from life.

Life will go on, with or without you.

It is up to you to join the moving train.

                                                                     – Janice.

Blessed day.

Let’s go!

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