Negro poet

I don’t want to be,

A negro poet,

Just a poet,

But everywhere I go,

It’s like I’m a huge joke,

There out to see me,


Watch me do a trick,

Everybody starts laughing,

They walk away,

Now I think I’m slick,

With a head like a brick,

I stroll through the city,

For a girl,

Who gets me,

One who lets me be me,

But then what do I see,

There was three negro’s there,

To stomp me,

They approached me,

I was ready for a fight,

I started grabbing and punching,

With all my might,

Thrn I saw a light,

The three negro’s was gone,

I was alone,

I felt like I was in the geto boys song,

That’s when I stopped punching,

I thought,

Damn homie,

I feel empty,

Sitting on a bench,

By a trench,

I feel bent,

Time is only lent,

No reason to sit and suffer,

That I got enough of,

I will rise again,

Like way back when,

I was alone in my apartment,

I need perspective,

Like Lawson,

It’s just a state of mind,

Everybody feels down,

From time to time,

But what separates,

Those who fall,

Is if they get up,

You need to say enough is enough,

Go away,

You plague,

I will not listen to you anymore,

I want to go my own way,

When the bad feelings want to stay,

Say hey,

I know you,

But I’m a new person,

Starting today,

It’s not enough to just wish and pray,