A prolific writer

What a prolific writer!
Whose thoughts and words
Flow like running water
In a stream;
Who shines
By the brilliance
Of their work;
And you cannot help
But admire them;
You may be tempted
To be jealous,
After all, you are human;
But that will not help;
Jealousy will only eat
You up;
Slowly but surely
Destroy you;
And leave you a wreck;
Don’t give that demon
A chance to grip you;
Instead celebrate
With those who shine
And you may be celebrated
For celebrating
Those who shine.
Bravo my prolific friend;
You impress me;
I hold you in high esteem;
Keep writing;
Pouring out the content
Of your heart.
You inspire many;
You’re carving out a place
For yourself.
Bravo! Bravo!