An eventful day (part 1)

I woke up because I heard a dog barking. I tried to push the noise out of my mind, but then I jumped off my bed (remembering that I had somewhere important to get to), looked at the clock; It was 9.00 and I had an appointment at 10, so I rushed to the bathroom to get ready to go out.

Keys. Checked. Wallet. Checked. Phone. Checked. Okay after checking these things like I do everytime I leave the flat, I opened the door, and I saw a dog at the end of the corridor. For those who don’t know. I haven’t had great experiences with dogs and I have had nightmares about getting bitten by a dog. My cousin’s dog once chased after me but he was playful and energetic and was harmless, but still, I was scared of it. Anyway, back to our dog. When I saw it, it looked back, as if he was saying, Oh I see you alright, you wanna go out, don’t you? You are getting late, aren’t you? Well, let’s see how you can get away from me.

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