Perfect Harmony!

I find me very funny
Get a big kick from my own
Jokes, ’cause someone has to —
They just makes the others moan

When they’re working hard to smile
But I can tell they’re wincing, it’s
Nice knowing when I tell myself
My humor puts me into fits

Everybody needs someone
Who at their quips will laugh
But since there be none such for me
I’ve simply split myself in half

I suffer some anxiety
Regarding proper reapproach,
Appealing to the other
To my skills a little coach

But since from days and lifetimes past
We already resonate
It isn’t usually long
Before we get along just great

Still, it’s a nervous moment
When that first pun hits the air
Even the threat of smiling
Gives so many people such a scare

But since, again, we sisters are
The skin (literally) beneath,
We don’t take opportunity
To throw it in each others’ teeth

Which in our case we count as something
To significantly fear
Because compared to most mad friends
We stand each other very near

Yes, I’m profoundly grateful
With myself to get along
Someone who’ll down a pint with me
Then maybe sing a little song

Together on the way back home
For such good fun it always be
To howl together with myself
In perfect harmony!


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