Time is a weird concept

Time is a weird concept,

What’s for sure,

It’s progress,

Hoping it kills me,


Thinking it will be,


Shooting for the stars,

Living in the heart,

Glad to be smart,

What is it,

Beautiful art,

Coming from the heart,

Making it,


Somewhere you got to start,

Sipping on that coke,

No joke,

Flying off in a boat,

On a different note,

Will it float,


Dreaming without living,

Seeing myself confess,

My inner most,


Taking time to dwell,

Hope I’m not leaving,

What’s more important,

Seeing or believing,

When it’s over,

I got to start new,

What is so funny,

When the sky is blue,

What will happen,

When I think of you,

Remembering isn’t cool,

When I don’t have you,

Got to have it,

Form a habit,

Seeing myself be cool,

With all the gadgets,


 the point is,

Don’t be mad bish,

All I want is,

to be missed,


To be a classi


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