Lone Wolf

In this world, it’s so easy to lose it.
So easy to be captured by what is on Tv.
Enamored by the love stories that replay on my screen.
Social sites fluttering.
With easy access to any man or woman in this society.
That’s all I’ve got.
When I feel like my world is crumbling.
When it feels like there is no one to turn to.
I will always remember you.
My one true love.
The only person I have left.
Gods most beautiful creation.
Trying to find her own identity
Being careful not to fall victim of the false realities living around me.
“If it turned out well for them, then that’s their victory.
Wait for your own. “
Is what I have to tell me.
They can talk behind your back
And smile in your face
Act like they love you and then turn around with a smirk of disgrace
But that’s ok because you still have
So don’t forget it.
When everything has been stripped from you.
Into this world you came
And out of it, you will leave by your…


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