What is the difference between confidence and arrogance?

We often confuse arrogance with confidence. Confidence is a good character trait and confidence in its exaggerated form is arrogance. I personally do no think you can be both. I think so because there is fine line between these two and it is humility. An arrogant person lacks this, which a confident person has.

I have a few pointers on how we can detect these two and know the difference.

P.S Nobody likes arrogant people.

  1. Confidence is priceless. Arrogance is cheap
  2. Confidence is quiet. Arrogance is loud
  3. Confidence makes you look your best. Arrogance makes you look your worst
  4. Confidence brings an attractive smile. Arrogance brings a repulsive smile
  5. Confidence is peace. Arrogance is war.
  6. Confidence is ‘We’. Arrogance is “I”
  7. Arrogance is born out of ignorance AND Confidence is born our of Knowledge
  8. Arrogant people think they are very superior to the people around them and they tear others down with this feeling of superiority.
    But confident people don’t really think to offend others as they are happy with themselves just fine. These people are always there to help.
  9. Arrogant people think they are greater than everyone else in the room but confident people just think equal of themselves to others, even though they may actually be greater.
  10. Confident people will always accept their mistakes but arrogant people have a hard time if someone points out any mistake as they think they are perfect.
  11. Confidence comes from positivity, optimism and steady mind. Arrogance is a result of negativity and preventing oneself from any sort of criticism

So which one are you; confident or just arrogant?

Let’s use the weekend to find out


Let’s go!


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