What time is it?

Helping people,

Is a joyous ride,

Helping people,

Gives me a joyous smile,

Forgetting my mood,

Is a hopeless being,

Hopeless being,

gives joy when seeing,

A thought is sweet,

Leaving people in awe,

A thought is sweet,

Making people say ntaaw,

Hope is thought,

Making time for,

The battles that need to be fought,

Saying to much,

Here’s trust,

Picking up the phone,

Living side by side,

until dust,

Seeking up the moment,

Cherishing what you’re holding,

Sometimes it’s needed,

Living life like it’s golden,

My life is not stolen,

The time is here,

I swear,

I hope it’s not to late,

I believe it’s faith,

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Hey, my name is Alexander Myrvold. My goal for my blogs is to create fun and uplifting poems that get to your feelings. Also relaxing and motivating stories that hope to inspire.
So be sure to follow me by mail and recieve notice of whenever I post something new! If you have a blog yourself let's follow each-other!

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