Woman Empowerment!

With an increase in the population of “working women”, we often come across the word “Woman Empowerment” – what does it mean? For me, Woman Empowerment means “equality of the sexes”. I am not those kind of ‘women’ who thinks that I am superior to men – I earn more than a man or I have power, fame, success etc. I would like to be considered just as “an Equal” in all respects irrespective of my gender.

In Todays’ world, I feel women are trying to be a ‘superwoman’ – she cooks, cleans, personally takes care of her child’s needs, she also boasts of a flourishing career! But if you observe closely – best part of all this is that nobody has forced her to excel in everything, it is a self-inflicted expectation !!

We can clearly see that our mothers and grandmothers were so much healthier, happier and most importantly, more relaxed and stress-free. However, the Modern Woman is always working hard as if just to prove a point to someone !

In the process of self-empowerment & proving to others, we often choose to ignore our own voices or desires and never think about what we really want.

Over the years of making myself a Perfect Woman, I realized and have made a conscious decision to not get influenced by what others think of me. I admit that it was not an instant change, but gradually I have learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt – both compliments and negativity. This has immensely lightened and enlightened my mind. I feel relieved now – I don’t want to be a Super Woman – because already by human nature – a woman is a born “Multi-Tasker” – personally I am now trying to be positive in my approach;

From the perspective of male colleagues, I have observed that Men with women supervisors /senior managers feel threatened in their work environment, and their emotions find negative expressions in their home and relationships outside the corporate world. They unleash their feelings and challenged masculinity to re-establish it. Maybe this has led to a rise in crimes inflicted on women; Also, there have been instances of women who have misused the various rules and laws which have been created for women’s empowerment, protection and representation as a weapon against men !!

It is often said that more than a Man, a Woman is an Enemy of another Woman.. it is difficult for a woman to see the success of another woman – she becomes jealous very soon. Personally, I gel well with male colleagues and can boast of a few very good male friends; but females are more into gossip / jealous kind. I still cannot understand why ?

This is just my personal point of view and also a few real life experiences – nothing against or for women.


I wish to share a recent personal experience – there was dance event in our office and all the lady colleagues had taken par, They had been deciding for quite a few days on the outfit, theme, celebrations etc right in front of my eyes. I was also very interested, but none of them even checked with me if I would join; on the D-day they were all performing on the stage, everyone was cheering and when the other team-mates enquired why was not part of them, I didn’t have any answer. I just walked away to my desk and started working, trying to ignore, but my male colleagues knew that I was emotionally down they tried to cheer me up. I still wonder why I am never invited by the ladies – am I ugly or do I look like a witch?

One more incident I would like to share – there used to be color days and all the ladies used to dress up in unique colours. Photo shoots would go on and when I joined, they would comment that it was only for glamorous young ladies; I felt very bad – from that day, I did not join for any group picture; when my photographer cousin came to know of this, we had a photoshoot and today, I can boast of a huge collection of my single unique photographs. I am happy!

I agree life is not easy. At the same time, we must not forget that life is beautiful depending on how you want to look at it. Do you know just about ANYONE whose life is 100% perfect or someone who has no problems at all? No… If you analyze you will realise that you are far better off. This world has too many people living other peoples’ lives.

Do what makes you happy inside. Be real. Be true. Be you . Being you will never go out of fashion.

We cannot change the behaviour, attitude or mindset of the people around us… But we can surely learn to change our way to react at their behavior. “Keep smiling – I smile not because I am happy go lucky person, I smile because I find it hilarious to see people trying so hard to make me cry”

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Always be Happy; always wear a Smile, Not because Life is full of reasons to Smile, but because your Smile itself maybe a reason for many others to Smile ;The Greatest Thing In Life Is Love And The Second Is Laughter..

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  1. I think that the question that needs to be asked is “Will you be happy even if the ladies accept you in their group?” Maybe you would not feel good about deepening your relationships with the ladies. Personally, I had a very bad experience with some girls who were older than me and who never used to include me in events such as theater/music day/events for certain festivals, etc. It used to bother me a lot. but I pretended as if I don’t care which was not good. I would cry and ask myself what is wrong with me? This led me to be more independent, yes! but I struggled with wanting to be perfect. I needed everything to be perfect and I needed to excel in everything! Now, new experiences have enabled me to close the wounds of the past, and move on and forth with a new perspective.

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    • Thank you Deepika for your inspiring words… I am moved…….. yes looking at life from a different perspective !!
      Yes Dear True, such incidents have made me more strong, independent, infact more happier and contended !!!

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  2. आपकी पोस्ट बहुत अच्छी है …मेरे विचार से व्यक्ति को खुद के प्रति सबसे पहले ईमान दार होना चाहिए…. सिर्फ किसी ग्रुप से जुड़े रहने के लिए अपने को दूसरे के अनुसार ढालने की कोई जरूरत नहीं होती…. उतना समय यदि इंसान खुद को दे तो ….ज्यादा बेहतर कर सकता है ……ग्रुप पालिटिक्स ज्यादातर घटिया होती है…

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