I don’t need a reason to miss my mama😘

Weak, hurt or ill,

Strong, happy or healthy,

She is always there.

Blessed are the people,

Who have her in their life.

Fortunate are those,

Who get to eat food prepared by her.

Lucky are those,

Who are best friends with her.

Loved are those,

Who get to cuddle with her.

She is loving and lovable.

She can be overprotective,

But that’s her nature.

To protect and defend

Her family and her closed ones.

A friend, a best friend, the best in the world, and irreplaceable.

I talk to her,

Not as often as I would like to

I worry about her,

Her frail shoulders

Carrying the emotions of the family.

My father helps,

But she is the balance

Among everyone.

She is the peacemaker.

My mother.

I love her.

Missing her for no reason at all.

But then, I don’t need a reason to miss her.

I don’t say it enough

But I love you Maa.